Tasty Curse [2.2] By FavoriteCat

FavoriteCat Games released a new game called Tasty Curse and the version is 2.2. The game’s story is about Nikita lives in a world full of injustice and discord. What if he had the chance to be someone else, to look at everything from the outside? Would he change the world around him? Or would it be easier to accept everything and change himself? You’ll figure it out…. …just need to add a little MAGIC.

File Size:2.62 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Some fixes;
  • New items in supermarket!;
  • OnlyCups: Ability to stream (special events open after uploading second photo, a lot of events);
  • A couple of extra training “sessions” with Stephan;
  • New little event in Levi’s room;
  • New little event in Layla apartments (could happen if you let Stephan go to Layla many times);
  • A couple of morning random events with Carol (changes depending on her corruption);
  • Access to Vanessa’s Offices (a lot of events);
  • The game now works fine on any device!


  • Some fixes;
  • New items in supermarket;
  • OnlyCups (check new laptop);
  • The Thought Box changes colors now, indicating the level of corruption;
  • 2 new random events in Levi room;
  • Random dialogues of students, varying with the level of drug distribution;
  • More random mini-events;
  • Lvl2pill for Vanessa! (bunch of events);
  • New experiments with Jimmy (starts from day 65);

Developer Notes:

It’s my 1st game of the series and it’s still in development state, but I’m sure I can make this game much better with your suggestions, support and feedback! I have a lot of things to do in this game in future.

+150 gold – APQLFHTYDJ
+3 lvl1 pills – MFFDJSFKAO
+3 lvl2 pills – ZPSJFHALDJ
+1 corruption – BDHFOLGJFL
-1 corruption – BSOEJDLGJD
+1 Jimmy experiments count – QZNALFPTHR
skip day (wake up in dorm) – HSSYQTSGDL

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