Tenant & Tenant [v0.4.2] By AWolfe

AWolfe Games released a new game called Tenant & Tenant and the version is 0.4.2. The game’s story is about a TF game about a recently-orphaned effeminate young man going off to college and living with two hot women… who have plans for him (as do most of the other people that he meets). Choose your major in college. Go to classes. Find a job (or not). Meet people, many of whom can be romanced. All while you grow as a person and discover who you really are.​

File Size:48.8 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:

v0.4.2 –

  • added 15 more shoes
  • added 2 more jeans
  • fixed missing flag resets when receiving the fake ID (so the Notepad is cleared of fake ID entries)
  • implemented 3 clothing outfits in the wardrobe, with customizable outfit names
  • added 13 bracelets

Developer Notes:

My motivation for creating this game is that there are almost no TF games that are voluntary feminization. Many have that tag, but they aren’t truly voluntary. Their stories will still force the MC. In this game the player will be given choices. If the player chooses not to feminize then the MC simply won’t progress in the story as I intend for the MC to do. But it’s the players’ choice(s) to make, not mine to cram down their throats. If a player chooses to avoid TF then they’ll eventually reach an early non-TF ending. There’s no real point to playing a TF game and not be TF’d. Plenty of life sim porn games for people who don’t like TF.

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