Terminal Desires [v0.10 Alpha 3] By Jimjim

Jimjim Games released a new game called Terminal Desires and the version is 0.10 Alpha 3. The game’s story is about is an erotic, zombie themed, role playing game made with RPG Maker MV. Set in a fictional version of Earth where incredibly skimpy outfits and huge proportions are the norm. Control police officer Tiffany Neil as she and her partner investigate a mysterious distress signal from the small, secluded town of ‘Ashton Lake’ and uncover the horrors within. Explore the town, face fearsome enemies in combat, make important story defining decisions and sexual choices. Will she submit to her every desire? Or will she resist and uncover the shocking truth hidden deep within the town’s walls? Her fate, along with the town’s is yours to decide…​

File Size:1.93 GB
Version:0.10 Alpha 3
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Game Version Changelog:

v0.10 Alpha 3

  • *Added the following 4 Sex Scenes to the Gallery only: (They have yet to be implemented into the actual game)
  • Hitomi Fucks Terry (Story Sex Scene)
  • Tiffany Uses Horse toy (Masturbation Scene)[Find it at the Gallery’s front desk]
  • Iris VS Male Zombie (Combat Sex Scene) [Iris is an upcoming character who will be introduced in the v0.10 Full Release.]
  • Iris VS Sewer Zombie (Combat Sex Scene)
  • *Merged Stat Point Allocation, Perk Point Allocation, Viewing Skills & Viewing Acquired Perks into a single menu option labeled “Progression”.
  • Added a “Progression” hotkey (Default Key is ‘P’).
  • Stat & Perk Points can now be spent at the player’s discretion instead of being forced upon level-up only.
  • *Added Tiffany’s voice lines for the “Romeo Injects Tiffany” Story Scene.
  • This scene is also now viewable from the Gallery & can be skipped at any time by holding ‘X’ like a sex scene.
  • *Added Tiffany’s voice lines for the “Tiffany vs Male Zombie [Anal]” Combat Sex Scene.
  • – Minor improvements also made to address moan sfx repetition during all sex scenes.
  • *Added 1 new large interior (East Sewer) beneath the east part of town. Several manholes were added to access this new location.
  • *Added an “Undress” hotkey (Default Key is ‘U’). Press it while on the map to strip the next piece of Tiffany’s outfit without damaging it.
  • Outfit Repair Kits (Default Key is ‘O’) will not be consumed when the next piece of Tiffany’s outfit to be equipped is undamaged.
  • Undressing/Dressing Up now have corresponding CGs.
  • *Added the first 2 “Sex Moves”:
  • 1. “Strike Pose” inflicts a “Riled Up” status on all opponents, doubling their moves per turn, but greatly decreasing their Defense, Aim & Reflexes.
  • Currently there is only a single pose to strike, but more will be added in future versions.
  • 2. “Self Strip” Dazes opponents while boosting Tiffany’s Agility, but comes at the cost of 1 Outfit Piece.
  • Self Strip can also be used outside of combat, as a more destructive alternative to undressing. 
  • *Added a Double Barrel Shotgun that can be purchased from George.
  • It fires 2 shells at once, dealing massive damage, but requires reloading after each shot.
  • *Added single use Stun Guns that deal shock damage & stuns for 3 turns.
  • Can be used in Combat by Tiffany, Debra & Lara.
  • Can be looted, purchased, or crafted with Crafting Rank 3 + Policing Rank 2.
  • Tiffany now starts the game with 1 Stun Gun in her inventory.
  • *Added 13 new Perks/Traits. Including the 3 non-functioning Perks previously marked in RED text.
  • Added the missing Gun Jamming mechanic to the “Sticky Loads” Trait. [But, I will need to improve it’s implementation for the Double Barrel Shotgun]
  • Fixed the “By A Thread” Perk to function as described instead of awarding free Outfit Repair Kits.
  • Adjusted the “Barren” Trait bonus to grant +10% Damage instead of +5%.
  • -Some Perks/Traits have been hidden from choice until their effects become relevant to the player.
  • *Added the ability to give most Food/Drink items to other girls by selecting “Cater” when talking to them.
  • This will replenish their END & provide Persuading Skill exp.
  • The items can be laced with “FertiliMax” or “Unconceivable” (drugs required) to manipulate their Fertility & provide Breeding Skill exp.
  • Added a “Companion” hotkey (Default Key is ‘C’) to access this “Cater” feature for Tiffany’s active companion.
  • More dialogue options will be tied to this Companion hotkey in future versions.
  • *Added the very rare chance for twin fetuses(or more – up to Decuplets) upon impregnation.
  • The player will receive a message box if this happens.
  • This has no gameplay or visual effect, other than additional Breeding Skill exp & Fetus HP.
  • Though in the future(End of Day 4+), this will of course result in multiple births at once.
  • *Added a basic Drunk status ailment & screen effect that are temporarily inflicted when consuming alcoholic drinks.
  • Positives while Drunk = +10% Attack, +5% Critical Hit Chance.
  • Negatives while Drunk = -5% Aim, -10% Reflexes, -10% Agility, Fetus Damage if Pregnant.
  • Can become “Addicted to Alcohol”, though Addiction effects & Drunkenness affecting dialogue options are planned for future versions.
  • Tiffany is unable to read books while drunk (& also while Addicted to Cum).
  • Currently: changing locations, drinking water & having combat sex, will contribute towards Tiffany getting sober.
  • *Added Sewer Zombie encounters to the Fishing mechanic.
  • *Added 2 new Cooking recipes/consumables & split the “Food” category into “Food(Basics)” & “Food(Recipes)” inside the Cooking Menu to help unclutter the UI.
  • *Added basic messaging to clarify the amount of successful stumble recoveries needed to regain balance(Day 3+).
  • *Added “Text Speed” configuration to the Options Menu. (includes instant text display)
  • *Added a “Censor Sydney Slurs” toggle to the Options Menu. (enabled by default)
  • *Adjusted combat in following ways for the sake of game balance:
  • Slightly Buffed enemy Defense Stats & factored it into Firearm damage calculations.
  • Slightly Buffed Firearm damage to account for modified calculations.
  • Slightly Nerfed quantity of ammo found in RNG loot.
  • Slightly Nerfed natural(per level) Attack Stat growth.
  • Slightly Nerfed base Combat Knife Attack Stat bonus.
  • 9mm x2 Combat Move now unlocks at Level 6 instead of Level 10. And it no longer costs 1 END point to use.
  • Melee x2 Combat Move now unlocks at Level 9 instead of Level 5.
  • Added a new 9mm x3 Combat Move that unlocks at Level 12. It does cost 1 END point to use.
  • Sewer Zombies are now 10% less resistant to Fire Damage, but completely immune to being set Ablaze.
  • *Adjusted Tiffany’s MAX HP Stat so that it now increases the base HP of Fetuses at conception.
  • *Adjusted Tiffany’s Defense Stat so that it now:
  • – Decreases any damage dealt to Fetuses during relevant sex scenes.
  • – Decreases Addiction Chances.
  • *Adjusted Tiffany’s Agility Stat so that it now increases the chance of a successful recovery when stumbling(Day3+).
  • *Adjusted the level design of “South Sewer” to reduce unnecessary backtracking during the game’s intro.
  • *Adjusted the “Gallery” Hotkey (Default Key is ‘G’) so that it can also be used to exit the Gallery while inside.
  • *Adjusted various item descriptions/boxes to display relevant QoL information.
  • How much HP/END Tiffany has before using a replenishing item or a combat move.
  • How many empty bottles Tiffany has before filling one with water.
  • What quantity of a craftable item does Tiffany currently poses before crafting more.
  • *Fixed a bug where returning to “Barclay Stables” caused a black screen.
  • *Fixed a bug where skipping the masturbation scene caused a black screen.
  • *Fixed a bug where the “Farm Hand” Quest could become stuck if the player already had 7 Blueberries or 3 Eggs prior to starting the quest.
  • *Fixed a bug where several images would fail to load during the “Prologue End” scene on Day 3 if Tiffany had the Base Stage 1; Pregnant Stage 0 Body.
  • *Fixed a bug where the new “Item Found!” popup notifications would frequently overlap when looting multiple items at once from containers.
  • *Fixed a bug where enemies could attempt to strip an already naked opponent when Tiffany fought alongside a companion.
  • *Fixed a bug where the “Kinks” list was displaying the incorrect status for the “Slut for Futa Girls” kink.
  • *Fixed a bug where companions were using Tiffany’s “END Required” value when resisting in combat.
  • *Fixed a bug where attempting to exit the Pharmacy with Vanessa on Day 2 while also escorting her there, was displaying the wrong CG & dialogue.
  • *Fixed a bug where Romeo could still strip Lara if he was Dazed or Stunned.
  • *Fixed another bug causing the Cooking Skill’s Rank & EXP display to become out of sync with their actual values.
  • *Fixed typos and other minor bugs.


  • You may have to whitelist “Game.exe” if your security software falsely quarantines it, preventing the game from launching.
  • You may encounter a crash with no error message on Day 3. Usually before one of the unique story fights. I have yet to be able to diagnose this crash as it is difficult for me to replicate on my system. Please contact me with specifics if you encounter this crash. If you can replicate it 100% of the time, it would help me if you could upload your save file for me to analyze.
  • When “Autosave on Map Load” is enabled, the act of loading any save file will often cause a new Autosave to be made in one of the 3 designated slots.
  • Bonuses associated with Skill Ranks are not yet all implemented or working as advertised.
  • The 9mm Idle “Shocked Expression” Dialogue CG is missing 5 variants for Tiffany’s Day 3 bodies. The unarmed variants are currently in use as placeholder.
  • The “HP Bug”, where Tiffany’s Health is not at Max HP despite taking no damage, may be back due to the new Level-Up features that have yet to be taken into consideration.
  • When first entering the Casino, Terry’s Flashlight beam has a tendency to lag behind his current position when he starts to move.
  • The “PROGRESS” statistic may not correctly add up to 100% even if completing every current piece of content possible.

Instructions for New quests/scenes

To get the Vanessa Impregnation Quest:

  • 1. Side with Dr. Milburn on Day 1.
  • 2. Complete “Vanessa’s House” Quest.
  • 3. Talk to Dr. Milburn in the basement.

To get the Jasper Quest:

  • 1. Find Jasper in the South Western Alley (Next to Robert’s Shed.):
  • 2. In order to trigger Hitomi’s scene, she must be free & you must Complete “Hitomi’s House” Quest. Do this preferably before the start of Jasper’s quest, but at least before you enter the corner store in the east side of town.
  • 3. Complete Jasper’s quest to get Tiffany’s Scene.

To find the Sewer Zombies:

  • There’s a boarded up building in the east part of town, east of Hitomi’s house.

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