The Dragonspire [v0.1.6 Public] By Lancastle

Lancastle Games released a new game called The Dragonspire and the version is 0.1.6 Public. The game’s story is about Welcome to the Realm of Dragonspire… You play as a guy named Stephen (default name), head of the security in the realm. Set in a dark fantasy, yet, modern world with things including; scandals, corruption, death, tough choices, character progression, the world changes based off choices, but most importantly the romance you can develop as the story progresses. The choices you make will dictate the outcome of the story and the direction at which it goes.

You’ll have some love interests to focus on and care for, even some side ones you probably shouldn’t, but who knows, play the way you want to. Will you guide his path to the light or succumb to the darkness that already exists and allow the corruption to consume and destroy you?

File Size:3.67 GB
Version:0.1.6 Public
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • New items and features…
  • Pixie: She will be a new clickable object on screen.
  • Dates: You are given a choice of 5 dates. Sasha, Svarin, Hailie, Cassandra, or Mindy. You must be on their path by the end of the Premier to have them be a choice. You could also lose a path or the date option, if you choose to increase your corruption instead.
  • Phone: I have redesigned the phone. The Profiles/Stat’s page has been redone. This will now tell you your..
  • Status (Single, Throuple, or In a Relationship).
  • Path will show you what girl(s) you are on path with.
  • Corruption amount.

Developer Notes:

  • v0.1.6 – Droid will be uploaded. Need to convert files and will have a slight delay to the upload.
  • v0.1.4 – Delete any version prior to this. Converted all images to webp. (Part 3 release will contain an update only)
  • I am releasing the next update (0.1.2) on 3-01-2022. This will also include a MAC and Android version. I will update everything at that time.

Game Images & Screenshots


Compressed 75% – GDRIVE

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