The Girls Next Door [v1.0] By Woody productionz

Woody productionz Games released a new game called The Girls Next Door and the version is 1.0. The game’s story is about You are new to the neighborhood and you have a passion for spying on the neighbors at night. The more you observe them, the more anxious they become, but the more you see them, the more undressed you find them. Accumulate enough points to unlock the images. During your voyeurism sessions, you may come across neighbors you don’t want to see, or worse, your boss. Other events will brighten up your spy sessions​

Developer:Woody productionz
File Size:101.4 MB
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • *add some gfx adjustement on street and bar (colour, alignement, text)
  • +absent neighbor are set per day, that mean you can’t go back and return to have present
  • +visit nighborhood and go to bar use same button, switch are made by currentday
  • +neighbor bio is unlock by friendship
  • +neighbor info realign gallery
  • *neighbor info fix where you can buy flower when big picture is show
  • +if friendship go down to -1 friendship and she got jewelry, she trash it
  • +add jewelry counter in neighbor info
  • *crash select screen no more print several absent mask on same neighbor
  • +global stats in neighbor screen
  • +ability to navigate directly from neighbor screen
  • +after several test, remove of the unaware mood state (force to make better choice for crash)
  • +add small bonus at bar score based on friendship
  • +add eyes animation on every screen
  • +neighbors thumbnail redo, add disappointed and max level status
  • +Neighbor Sarah, Kaythlin and Imelda added

Initial Release

Developer Notes:

For now, this is the first release. Only peek mechanic include. Other like money, fatigue, and other are not implemented yet. I’m doing my best to have bugfree release before adding mechanic, but if you find some, please report it. Enjoy!

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