The Heir of Shadows [v0.2] By SpaceBird Studios

SpaceBird Studios Games released a new game called The Heir of Shadows and the version is 0.2. The game’s story is about tells a history of a young man that discovers a hidden truth about himself and the world around him. How he will react and change as the story progresses depends on your choices! Deities, Demons, and all sorts of supernatural phenomena are hidden in plain sight, living and interfering in human society as they please. You lived most of your life without knowing any of that, working, getting drunk, falling in love. But now the veil grows thin, and your awareness leaps unto the unknown. Can you find out why and how this is happening to you while protecting those important in your life? Or will both worlds eventually collide, leaving only death and despair in their wake?

Developer:SpaceBird Studios
File Size:927.7 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:

-v0.1 Release;
-v0.2 Release; First scene remade; Audio bug regarding the music while on the phone fixed;

Developer Notes:

I have been a game developer/writer for almost 4 years, and this is my first time doing an adult novel! Please check it out, and if you like and think it’s worth supporting, feel free to do so! I’m not a native speaker, so the game may have some spelling errors, but if it does (and I checked multiple times), it should be minimal. I hope you have a great time, and if you want to talk with me, I’m usually very active on Discord!

-v0.2 Release: It took a little longer than I anticipated, as I had some problems with my computer. It ended up also a little shorter than I wanted because of that, but in a couple of weeks I’m thinking of making a v2.5 to add a few more scenes that I had to cut;

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