The Legend of the Goblins [v0.24] By Mad Rabbit Works

Mad Rabbit Works Games released a new game called The Legend of the Goblins and the version is 0.24. The game’s story is about This game is about some GOBLINS who have lost a battle and had to flee empty handed. Deserted and alone, they have to build themselves a colony from ground zero. During their journey they will capture many women, corrupt them, have fun with them and of course breed them. corruption and submission will play a huge part in this game. Slowly their clan size will increase as time passes by. And once again the Goblins will rise to power.​

Developer:Mad Rabbit Works
File Size:2.95 GB
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Game Version Changelog:

BUILD 0.24

  • Updated more background NPCs to match other character models, added breathing motion.
  • Multiple minor text, grammar, and punctuation updates.
  • Multiple minor tileset updates, mostly to fix collision issues.
  • Adjusted existing ranges and added new ranges to waterfall sound effect in cave.
  • Adjusted Kresh’s sprite to appear less floaty relative to his shadow.
  • Fixed the player being invisible if the jump across the river is failed.
  • Updated cell doors to activate on player touch instead of on interaction.
  • Updated text box backgrounds for consistency.
  • Minor timing adjustments on certain events to separate out sound effects.
  • Updated the dev room to require a password for entry, moved the exit near the entrance, and added new elements.
  • Added StopSE commands to some events to prevent sound effects from continuing to play after the event ends.
  • Updated Ennrey’s spanking event text boxes to be consistent with the rest of the game.
  • Updated multiple transfer events to be on player touch for smoother gameplay using a keyboard.
  • Added an extra check to correct collision on Kresh’s house after it’s built.
  • Moved the campsite in the large forest to be nearer to the location it’s supposed to be near to.
  • Updated some tutorial events to erase on first viewing so they don’t repeat unless the map is left.
  • Updated text coloring to be more consistent with when the wenches are affected by the Goblin’s poison.
  • Updated the battle track to be more appropriate when fighting the knights.
  • Updated some character portraits to be more appropriate to the accompanying text.
  • Updated the text before the jungle cave to specify finding cloth in Lilith’s cave house.

Developer Notes:

This game is a long term journey in which player can take part and grow the clan. The game will have corruption and submission and ofcourse many slaves to capture.

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