The Mason Gambit [Ch.9] By CorForce Productions

CorForce Productions Games released a new game called The Mason Gambit and the version is Ch.9. The game’s story is about Captain Mason has just received tragic news and must return home to his family after five years in the Afghan desert. Two problems; one, he was missing and presumed dead three years ago; and two a strange and potentially population-ending virus has hit the city. Now, he must join forces with a mysterious multi-national covert organization to discover the secret behind this threat.

Developer:CorForce Productions
File Size:2.47 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:

** WARNING!! Some old saves will not work due to restructuring. After testing, I have discovered the saves that do not work are the ones at the END of a scene. Saves made at the start or anywhere in the middle of a scene work fine. In short, if your save won’t load, try a different one or restart and ctrl skip. **

Chapter 9 has arrived!

  • Here is what it adds:
  • 18104 new words of dialogue.
  • 731 new renders.
  • 3 new animations.

Added a lengthy opening disclaimer before the first scene to lay out what newcomers can expect within. Irrelevant if you’ve been with me this far.

Developer Notes:

This is my first visual novel. By definition, this is a kinetic novel. It is a strictly linear story. The only choice given is that of the name of the main character. I may add a system of dialogue choices in the future to determine relationship points that unlock scenes – nothing that would change the progression of the story.

Planned content is Harem, and the usual vanilla sex. Anal if the girl is into it. Will likely include some bondage play.

Will never have NTR, sharing, MMF, or swinging. I’m just not into that. Don’t really care what the technical definition of NTR is, the LIs will NEVER have sex with anyone outside of the harem regardless of gender.

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