The Roommate [v0.10.08] By togs

togs Games released a new game called The Roommate and the version is 0.10.08. The game’s story is about You getting a big promotion and moving to Seattle where a friend offers you the use of an apartment. However, he’d previously told a young woman from your company that she could stay there, and your arrival means she could end up homeless. But if you don’t mind sharing, you’ll get to know the beautiful and enigmatic Kari. The Roommate is somewhat less “linear” than many other games. There are factors outside a player’s control that may affect the path the story takes.

File Size:1.63 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:


  • Considerably later than anticipated but, as I said before, it grew!
  • There’s probably as much content in the two days of the weekend as there is in most full weeks, but it covers a number of different paths, so you would have to do play several iterations of the game to see it all right now!
  • As has been discussed before, there are certain types of content that aren’t to everyone’s taste and I’ve gone to great lengths to flag things. I’ll post a preview image later.
  • But I do think there’s something for everyone.
  • If you’re NOT dating Kari, she’ll propose moving out and that leads to a number of options. You can have her move to another apartment or remain as your roommate, either long term or just until you move to the new house (with or without her).
  • You meet Suzie for coffee. The question then becomes whether or not you want to kindle an old flame.
  • If you’re on the “making babies” path, you’ll take the girls to check out the new house and, if Lois is a girlfriend now, she’ll be invited to tag along. You’ll also get a glimpse of her new car!
  • You’ll meet Trevor for a drink on Sunday and talk about a double-date with him and his new girlfriend.
  • All this and more in this build and lots more to come in the days and weeks ahead!


  • It covers Wednesday and Thursday of Week 11.
  • Aria, Cassie, Kari, Kayla and Lois are the ladies in focus in this release.

This build takes you through the Saturday of Week 10.

Developer Notes:

This update (version 0.2) entailed more work than the entire original build, although much of that is hidden from the player. However, it does provide a number of improved and new graphics and expands on the backstory considerably.

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