The Writer’s Visit [v4.0] By VNAdults

VNAdults Games released a new game called The Writer’s Visit and the version is 4.0. The game’s story is about Visit is a game where you play a dominant, bisexual transwoman who visits her brother while on vacation. Sammy (or any name you choose), a famous erotic novelist known for writing about her sex life, quickly discovers her niece is just as sexually ambitious as she is! It’s up to you to use your niece to help grow your harem while making sure you’re the one that remains in charge. You’ll need to train your niece and her diverse group of friends to bring in others and make sure that they not only understand the rules but remain firmly submissive. This is a kinetic Visual Novel with one main path, with choices to skip certain content if you wish. The Writer’s Visit features explicit sexual content, which includes more than 600 animations (all sex scenes are animated) and more than 1500 renders! Discover the best part of being a famous erotic novelist… the research!

File Size:4.73 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:

Last chapters of The writer’s visit!

With these two chapters, we put an end to the story of the writer, two chapters full of sex and hot dialogues!

What bring these last chapters, 39 and 40:

  • More than 400 new renders!
  • 140 new animations!
  • Several choices in scenes!
  • The whole game translated by MJB, a flawless translation into English!
  • Up to 7 new sex scenes in these last two chapters!
  • Normal, compressed and android version!
  • Minor bug fixes!
  • The visit of the writer is complete with:
  • More than 2600 renders!
  • About 980 animations!

The whole game translated and corrected by MJB! Thank you very much for your perfect work! He has not only translated the game, but also enriched it with improved dialogues! I have learned a lot with your translation!


  • 4 New chapter 31, 32, 33 and 34!
  • Up to 8 new sex scenes (some optional)!
  • More than 300 new renders!
  • About 100 new animations!
  • New character, will only appear once in the story!
  • Minor bugs fixed!


  • New cover!
  • 5 new Chapters – 26, 27, 28, 29 and 30!
  • 350 new renders!
  • About 95 new animations!
  • More than 1400 images and around 635 animations int total!
  • Chapter 30 is a “special” released for the patrons on Halloween!
  • 2 new characters enter the story!
  • Translation courtesy of MJB!

Developer Notes:

It is my first novel with Renpy, there may be bugs, I will improve in the future. It’s a linear novel, there are some options to choose, but they don’t change the story of the game. I have put the good link on MEGA, I beg the moderators to update the other servers, as I don’t have an account on them yet, thanks.

Es mi primera novela con Renpy, puede haber fallos, iré mejorando en el futuro. Es una novela lineal, hay algunas opciones a elegir, pero no cambian la historia del juego. No sé muy bien como postear el juego correctamente en esta página, por favor, si tengo errores ruego me ayuden los moderadores.

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