To Be a King [Ch.10] By ITRoy

ITRoy Games released a new game called To Be a King and the version is Ch.10. The game’s story is about As a newly appointed royal minister, brought in after the previous minister was deposed, you take your position during a time of uncertainty. You’ve been loyal to the king ever since you two rose up the military ranks together. After the previous king died under mysterious circumstances, the current king took his position. You were sent to reinforce the eastern part of the kingdom, and your victories earned new territory and riches for your king, your soldiers, and yourself.

Three recent assassination attempts, mercifully failed ones, have left the entire kingdom on edge. Are you entering a greater position of power during a time where your role can be solidified? Or will you be swiftly removed as the kingdom continues to unravel? Throughout your time, you’ll learn more behind who really controls power in the kingdom, uncover plots against the kingdom, and have the possibility of romance (but you’ll have to tread carefully as each romance can put you at risk). Your choices will determine not only your future but that of the kingdom.

File Size:3.94 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:

Chapter 10

  • 1336 new renders
  • 21 new scenes
  • 4 new lewd scenes
  • 40 new image gallery renders added ($10+ patrons)
  • Complete overhaul of the codex
  • Point system overhaul to prepare for future releases and branches
  • Code rewrite for the entire game
  • Code fixes to convert existing playthroughs to match the code changes (existing saves from the end of Chapters 7, 8, or 9 will work just fine; saves from other points may encounter problems.)
  • Assorted bug fixes
  • Various UI updates
  • Added day transition cards
  • In-game tutorial added
  • Codex tutorials added
  • Notification system added
  • Added keyboard shortcuts to bring up the codex and settings/preferences screens
  • New character added to love interests/harem
  • Full alliance system implemented
  • Added more detailed character information to the codex for all ladies in the game (including their measurements)
  • Additional characters added to codex:
    • Cronut
    • Sextus
    • MC
  • Faction information added to codex
  • Diplomacy section added to the codex
  • Typos squashed
  • Removed most choices during early sex scenes to improve the playing experience
  • Overhaul of several environments
  • Character model improvements
  • Fixed bug with forced Estrid scene, even if you rejected her
  • Fixed path bug with Dinah & Diana paths
  • Adjusted drunk Valentina scene
  • Added labels to lewd replay gallery items
  • Redesigned special image gallery
  • About screen redesigned

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