Training Elves [Final] By Noxurtica

Noxurtica Games released a new game called Training Elves and the version is Final. The game’s story is about You are an adventurer of some renown that has grown tired of adventuring. After losing almost all of your money gambling, you meet two elves that seek you out and put you to task of training them into adventurers. In exchange, they give you amorous nights.

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Developer Notes:

The game is an RPG featuring simple foraging, fishing, mining, and crafting, which are easily accessible even for the most casual players. Manually level up and spec your party, using various equipment to customize their skills in combat.
The game features party turn-based combat. Players will explore different areas to fight monsters and do tasks to progress the plot. Tasks can range from taking down a certain monster or collecting a specific item in the field. Players gain experience and level up from doing these things, as well as gain loot.
Grinding is completely optional and is unnecessary to beat the game.

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