Uncle Vulvius’ House of Pleasure [v0.11.1] By CherrySock

CherrySock Games released a new game called Uncle Vulvius’ House of Pleasure and the version is 0.11.1. The game’s story is about Take charge of several beautiful sex slaves in a fantasy world. Teach them how to please men and earn more coins. Climb the career ladder to be entrusted with serving VIP clients. Learn personal stories of your proteges, patrons and staff. Discover their secrets and complete quests. Choose how you are going to treat the girls under your command. Will you prefer to be their friend or a cruel master?​

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Game Version Changelog:


In this update the main plot of the first act is concluded.
Major changes:

  1. Added 3 main quests together with 2 new characters, 2 locations and a couple of cutscenes.
  2. Added a side quest about Vilda’s past (it includes 1 character and 2 cutscenes)
  3. In training scenes added a visual indication of pleasure and pain that a slave experiences.

Main and side quests will start automatically in the first several days of the game time.
Smaller changes and bugfixes

  1. Fixed a bug that sometimes happens when entering a blowjob training scene: buttons are unavailable and a slave does nothing.
  2. Added an icon for the game executable.
  3. Increased the rate with which a slave gathers proficiency doing certain acts (in training scenes).
  4. In training scenes reduced player’s arousment so you can train a slave for longer. But the minimum arousment to cum is reduced, so you can still finish faster if you want.
  5. Reduced the price of gifts for slaves (2 coins for small, 10 for expensive)
  6. Slave’s popularity now does not fall below her current tier.
  7. Now every night there is at least one client that each of your slaves can serve.
  8. Other minor fixes and balance tweaks.

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