White Cube [v0.4c] By Anekin69

Anekin69 Games released a new game called White Cube and the version is 0.4c. The game’s story is about is an adult Horror visual novel that mixes Horror and Erotic elements. You will follow the story of two protagonists trapped in a cube, slowly you will discover that it is a very sick-minding game…​

File Size:2.11 GB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • 300 New FULL HD Renders
  • New Music
  • New Sound Effects (SFX)
  • New Intro Video: Dive into the game with a stunning cinematic intro.
  • Completely Revamped UI
  • Animated Dialogue
  • Grammar Errors Fixed
  • Bug Fixes
  • Improved Voice Sync: Character voices now perfectly match their dialogue.
  • New Video Animations and Transitions.
  • New Character – Amelia: Step into the shoes of the new character, Amelia, with her unique story.


  • Added 180 new Full HD renders.
  • Added new music and sound effects.
  • Changed the robotic voice to a voice that more closely resembles Jig Saw’s pitch.
  • Added a New Animation in Emma’s flashback.
  • Added voice acting lines in John’s flashback. (Tell me if you like it.)
  • Decreased the size of the game using a script from almost 3GB to 1.5GB, while maintaining the same image quality.
  • Fixed a lot of grammatical errors.



  • Added new 300 HD renders
  • Added new sound effects
  • 3 new original soundtrack
  • Fixed intro video now playing in 1080p
  • Fixed image video replaced with image pan

Developer Notes:

The script is already written, it’s just takes time to programming, composing the music and rendering. For who is asking, no, there is not going to be a path branching story. This is a linear game. Thank you for your support.

Game Images & Screenshots


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  1. I am only up to having just finished the second challenge to John and Emma, and I basically just want John to be killed in the most gruesome way possible. He is written simply as a misogynistic rapist waiting to happen. Sure there may be some sort of revelation as the game progresses, but who the fuck cares. I’ll go one more challenge, but unless I see a marked improvement in the John character, the game is trash.

  2. So Peter Raven is clearly a self-projecting psycho as literally nothing has happened in this game yet. I like the character models but there are literally zero scenes with the MC’s so far.

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