Whoremonger [Act 1 v1.0] By Turning Tricks

Turning Tricks Games released a new game called Whoremonger and the version is Act 1 v1.0. The game’s story is about redemption and new beginnings. It’s a story about a protagonist who has suffered a serious injustice and who has lost almost everything in his life. Where does he go from here? Who is he? What kind of person will he become? Our MC lived a normal, safe and law-abiding life and yet, that didn’t protect him from having his life shredded, when a single person lied. Will this change him? Or will he try and rebuild that old life? In Whoremonger, you can help him decide what path to walk, as he starts life over and searches for something special in his life.​

Developer:Turning Tricks
File Size:769 MB
Version:Act 1 v1.0
OS:Windows, Linux
game details

Game Version Changelog:

Act 1 – v1.0 Changelog:


  • Lines of code (14,000+ new, 20,000+ total)
  • HD Renders (950+ New, 1440 total)
  • Play Time (3 hrs+ on Act 1 content (longest path), plus another 1-2 hours on other paths)
  • This doesn’t include the time for the Prologue

New Content:

  • 19 Game days and apx. 33 events
  • 6 new characters
  • Stayed with a VN style format with path choices. Decided to wait until a new project to attempt a Sandbox game
  • Two NTR events this update. To see them, you need to turn NTR on, either when asked in game or by using the switch in the preferences screen.
  • I wrote completely separate content for scenes where there is an NTR version and a non NTR version. You will only see the one you choose.

Other Stuff:

  • Fixed some typos in Prologue
  • Made formating changes game wide for better readability
  • Created full character customization for almost all characters in game
  • Updated Sprites and Side images on all characters
  • Added an NTR switch to the Preferences screen
  • Added some new music and normalized all the music files to be a little lower volume

Developer Notes:

Act 1 is finally released. Sorry about the delay, as I completely blew my 10 week estimate out of the water, lol. But I seriously underestimated how much work this really was. The good news though, is that I have refined my work process a lot, and I also now have most of the characters and scenes created, so moving forward, the updates should be much closer to my original 10 week schedule.

Just some notes for this release… Two NTR scenes have been added, but they are completely avoidable. In fact, there is a big red NTR switch in the preferences screen, where you can turn NTR on or off, as you wish. All the scenes in this VN have been coded for the different paths and you won’t even see the ones for the paths/choices you are not on.

There is also a fan made Patch that i have linked on here. This is for content made by some of my supporters and it is not the responsibility of Turning Tricks Games. I fully support game modding and fan made content, so that is why I have linked it.

Finally, saves from the prologue – probably- won’t work. I made some big changes to the structure of the game when I decided to ditch the sandbox idea. It really doesn’t matter though, as none of the choices in the prologue carry over, except one. That choice will be asked again if jump right into Act 1. I’d really suggest playing the prologue again though, as it really does set the story up.

If you like this game, please consider supporting me though one of the links above. It will help me make a higher quality product and complete the updates faster.

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