Women’s Prison [Final] By STORIA GAMES CO

STORIA GAMES CO Games released a new game called Women’s Prison and the version is Final. The game’s story is about The world being terrified. What could have caused this? War? Famine? Unrest? No, this was all caused by the UNs…. “Absolute Human Rights Act.” No longer will the world tolerate oppression, prejudice, or discrimination. How frightening.

One of the biggest changes brought about by this was a reform in the prison system. Unfortunately, prison guards can no longer abuse the inmates they are tasked with. Now, they have to do things like “maintain their physical and mental health.” Uh, can’t the inmates just do that themselves? Despite this, it has been your one and only dream to work in a prison like this. Just make sure the inmates like you, or else you’ll be transferred to the men’s ♂ prison!​

File Size:2.06 GB
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Developer Notes:

Different from many other prison management games that focus on oppression or escape, oppression is strictly illegal and what inmate would want to escape from a 5-star hotel? Even though all the inmates are extremely horny, er, I mean, lovely ladies, you will have to, like, actually get to know them, and stuff. Not only for your sake of not being transferred, but for theirs as well.

◆Rich storyline
◆Prison management system
◆Three women to choose from, each with their own personality and backstory.
◆22 unique CGs,include 3 animations.-System-
Every need of the inmates must be met in their fancy 5-star hotel style prison cells. From serving food to cleaning their cell, every whim must be tended to… including their sexual ones!

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