World’s Crossing Academy [S2 v0.2.1.02] By TeamEmberWings

TeamEmberWings Games released a new game called World’s Crossing Academy and the version is S2 v0.2.1.02. The game’s story is about The game is set in a world where fantasy races exist, but in separate dimensions. Through the development of Goblin technology, these dimensions were able to be bridged, and the World’s Crossing Academies were created. We’ve all dreamed of living on another world at some point. In this world, it is possible.

Those who are interested in living amongst another species can go through schooling at the World’s Crossing Academy to learn that culture. Schooling begins at the Academy branch on your homeworld. Then you’ll move to the Nexus Academy between worlds. Finally, you’ll attend finishing school on the world you chose. Sounds pretty epic, right?

File Size:740.8 MB
Version:S2 v0.2.1.02
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac, Android
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • Finish up Sunday (following Cliffhanger) + 3 in-game days of content
  • ~3250 Lines of Code (Story)
  • Brand New Texting System with 8 New Conversations
  • ~700 New Images
  • Harpy Scene/Meeting is now Optional and Avoidable
  • Disclaimer/Warning in the Beginning about Cecilia
  • First ever official Android version, downloadable directly from Itch!

Developer Notes:

World’s Crossing is, at its core, an game. So of course, we wanted to emphasize the quality of our H-scenes by using a mixture of high-resolution stills and video loops. The characters are created with the best textures available. We wanted skin that looks like skin. Eyes that really feel like they’re looking into yours. The animations are synced and modified in a way that makes the movements seem more natural.

Game Images & Screenshots


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