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After Colony Games released a new game called After Colony 250 and the version is 0.15. The game’s story is about It is the dawn of the second age of mankind, taking the first steps into living off world and become a truly multi-planet species. The global resource wars of the mid-21st Century, limited nuclear exchanges, border skirmishes, coups at the highest levels of government. The dwindling, declining population of Earth was at breaking point. From the break of destruction, arose a planetary government that took drastic measures, putting the last of the resources of humanity into a moon shot, literally, to mine and harvest the resources. The petty interest of despots fell to the side, as humanity suffered and was no more than a century away from potential extinction. It was a bloody period, disaster after disaster, tragedy after tragedy.

But humanity prevailed, Luna became a thriving colony, with an abundance of helium-3 allowing the small colonies to thrive, while providing Earth with the energy needed. Mars, though further away, overcame the hardships of the environment, becoming a center for innovation and technical development. From the brink, to a interplanetary species within two decades. But humans were always humans, and the greed over resources and power became all too apparent, the people of Mars demanding independence from Earth, the people living within the resource rich asteroid belts, feeling oppressed by both. It was a powder keg that blew over into a full blown inter-space war. Despite this, the past one hundred years have been relatively peaceful, but something threatens to upset the balance soon.

Developer:After Colony
File Size:227.9 MB
OS:Windows, Linux, Mac
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Game Version Changelog:



  • Why not stop off at the Eclipse Cafe for a coffee and then enjoy the Wild West in the Holosuite program – this is particularly interesting if you have ALICE in your head on the scicence path. Otherwise it is a nice romp with a potential encounter with a prostitute or two.
  • The Jazzbar has all sorts of interesting people here, perhaps you can get in trouble…
  • The clothing shop has a lot of interesting, why not try on some new dresses from the eTranz corporation? Their science department have developed new materials are second to none!
  • There are now three unique quests depending on your initial choice – military, diplomacy and science.
  • The science path has several bad ends, as well as the usual ALICE hijinks on the holodeck. You can also get involved in some not so ethical experiments.
  • The military path has a couple of bad ends for our main character, as she gets into bed with a shadowy organisation and learns more about the overall situation.
  • The diplomacy path .
  • There are also two exclusive sex scenes in the diplomacy path


  • The second holosuite program, Rough Landing, has been moved to a later section. This is due to development time but also because it didn’t make sense to force a player to choose between two simulations when I can just move one to later in the game.
  • Save the girl you find in skiff. This was simply time.
  • Sabotage the experiment for the good guy option. Time restraint and ran out of ideas on how to do this. Will be in future patch.
  • Ambassador Yukio punishment scene or sex scene. Should you fail the diplomacy path, she’ll offer a commiseration drink in her hotel room in which she’ll punish you with some S&M play. If you pass, she will give you the option to “play” instead. If you’re dominant, you have the option of turning the tables.
  • Have full on sex with the secretry. Will be implemented in future content patch and will depend on a character’s corruption levels.

Developer Notes:

Hello folks, this is my first attempt at a game and it has been ready for a while, I have been polishing it and after some feedback on another forum, I’ve finally decided to post it here.

This game is focused primarily on playing a female lead, with choices being important to the end, though a lot of choices won’t pay off until later chapters. The game is heavily inspired by a lot of different science fiction franchises, as well as old RAG games, particularly Drunken Cowboy, with a focus on a realistic, well built world but still enough kinkiness and lewdness to entertain. I would also give a shout out to Lilith Device, which was also an inspiration when it came to bad ends as content, a path I hope to follow. It has three choices, which lead down many different paths and to both sex scenes and bad ends. The three choices, as explained in game, lead to different play styles. The military leads to more violence, the science leads to mind control/transformation/general scifi stuff (I recommend you take ALICE along with you before leaving the mansion, a lot of content is there) and the speech option will lead to you being able to use speech and sex to get your way.

Please find in the game files in the “optional files” a html, which allows you to reactive the back button if you desire. Though this is not supported or tested, it’ll be there. You will also find the changelog and walkthroughs in the download.

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