Corrupted Kingdoms [v0.18.9 Patreon] By ArcGames

ArcGames Games released a new game called Corrupted Kingdoms and the version is 0.18.9 Patreon. The game’s story is about You are the hero – or possibly villain – of this tale, originally on a journey to discover why your family was driven out of your home town, but quickly thrust into events beyond anything you could ever have imagined. As tensions rise between the humans and the mythical creatures that lurk just outside of sight, will you stand as a beacon of hope… or use your newfound power to bring the world under your control?​

File Size:1.36 GB
Version:0.18.9 Patreon
OS:Windows, Mac, Android
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Game Version Changelog:


  • REHABILITATION CENTRE: New building in Northside! The Rehabilitation Centre, once built, will allow you to recruit Boss Girls without using the dungeon! You can also recruit Goons you beat (who can eventually be turned into new squads, assigned to particular buildings and functions and so on)!
  • Rehab: You can send defeated Boss Girls to the Rehab Centre directly after beating them, or from the dungeon at any time! After seven days (you will be able to shorten this number in future updates) the girl will be recruited once you visit them!
  • Rehab: You can now send Goons to the rehab centre when you beat them! Future updates will allow you to recruit them for various tasks, but right now you can just talk to them (five unique dialogues)!
  • Combat: Made some changes to the combat UI and graphics. This will give me more “real estate” to work with, as well as helping to future proof certain systems and fun little ideas I have planned. If you’re wondering where the HP/WP and stat breakdowns are, just click on the names in the top left and top right of the battle screen!
  • Combat: Brand new player and enemy sprites!
  • Combat: Battle maps are now animated! Ooooh!
  • Investigate: Investigating Northside will now reveal the Build Site! (Build the Rehabilitation Centre there!)
  • Scavenge: You can now find Assorted Materials when selecting “Search for Supplies” in Northside (after finding the Build Site)!
  • Misc: Updated the Northside background image
  • Misc: Changed The Glades and Northside districts to use the forest battlemap instead of the hills
  • Misc: Old Town and Hillside Development fights now take place in the forest and the hills respectively. This is temporary, while I design the interior battle maps
  • Misc: Made a start on making the text on the warmap more readable, but honestly I think I’m going to redesign that whole UI…
  • Bug: Missing recipes have now been returned – I pinky-promise this time!
  • Bug: Ami had overlapping paperdolls in the East Hallway and the Bathroom. The doppelganger has been shooed away now
  • Bug: Talking to Lucille in the hallway now displays her correct paperdoll and her expressions change, as they should
  • Bug: One of the arrows in Veronica’s character card was misaligned. Now it is not!
  • Bug: Sparks flicker from the tip of Typo Hero’s sword as it scrapes against the rocks outside of the cave. The sparks are… green..? He pauses, statue-still for a long, long moment… then sighs and raises his sword… to place the tip against his own chest…


  • CONSTRUCTION YARD: New building in Hillside! The Construction Yard, once built, will allow you to construct unique buildings in other districts (Training Ground only for now – more buildings coming in future updates)!
  • TRAINING GROUNDS: New building in The Glades! The Training Grounds, once built, will allow you to increase the MC’s PHY stat permanently by one! Also, may have more uses later!
  • Investigate: Investigating Hillside Development will now reveal the Construction Yard!
  • Investigate: Investigating The Glades will now reveal the Training Grounds!
  • Investigate: Investigating The Glades will now reveal the The Clearing! Revisit it for some peeks into MC’s childhood, or Pixie being weird (five unique, randomised lines for each)!
  • Scavenge: You can now find Construction Materials when selecting “Search for Supplies” in Hillside (after finding the Yard!)
  • Scavenge: You can now find Vegetables when selecting “Search for Supplies” in The Glades!
  • Scavenge: You can now find Timber when selecting “Search for Supplies” in The Glades (after finding the Training Grounds!)
  • Molly: You can now be naughty with Molly in Act Three! Just talk to her while she’s in the garden!
  • Cooking: Now when you learn your first recipe you will also get the ingredients for it, so they’re not listed as “unknown” in the recipe book
  • Misc: Changed the Qarinah dream in Act Three so it only shows up once, and gave the “speaker” a namebox
  • Misc: Tweaked a couple of the district location backgrounds. Trying something out
  • Bug: While in the SUPPORT position, Rachel was incorrectly being called Ophelia. Very embarrassing
  • Bug: Players could access Roxy’s character card before meeting her – this SHOULD be fixed, but let me know if not, as the code is a little complex
  • Bug: The simulation in which he was trapped is broken. Shaken, bloodied but unbowed, Typo Hero emerges from the cave and looks up at the Dread Arc’s Tower once more. Brushing a fragment of crystal from his shoulder, he sets off once again…

I hope you enjoy this week’s update! Next Early Accessupdate will be Monday, 22nd of May.

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