No Vacancy [v0.23] By PalmarianFire

PalmarianFire Games released a new game called No Vacancy and the version is 0.23. The game’s story is about No Vacancy, originally created in July 2014 reached the quantity of +40 characters and +200.000 views on FurAffinity. It has become my biggest project ever. Since my art and animation skills have been improved, it’s time to reboot and make this game like a definitive edition. As people has shown me, they love this game and were very happy when a new updated was released. The problem was the updates were totally dependent of users’s commissions and the game couldn’t be updated frequently.

Since the current version of the game looks a bit old, mixing all my art styles (since it was created until today) and my current work file is a bit chaotic, I’ve decided to create a new definitive version of the game. The hotel will be more detailed adding new areas. Not only will be new scenes added, each scene will can be updated so each character will can have more than one interaction.

File Size:11.5 MB
game details

Game Version Changelog:

  • [M] = Playable as Male character
  • [F] = Playable as Female character
  • [M/F] = Playable as both characters

Game Images & Screenshots


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