Path of Sorrow and Pleasure [v0.12.1] By AE Games

AE Games released a new game called Path of Sorrow and Pleasure and the version is 0.12.1. The game’s story is about Dive into a story of one brave hero with not only a life full of hardship and sorrow but also some unforgettable moments of joy and pleasure. Join him on his long journey and meet with his new friends, help him overcome numerous obstacles, support him in making important decisions and lead his arm in fight with his mysterious nemesis. The great adventure is awaiting you.​

Developer:AE Games
File Size:3.45 GB
game details

Game Version Changelog:


  • New UI Style and Elements
  • New Battle Calculation (start of bigger battle system for future)
  • New Animations
  • New Enemy’s
  • Bug Fixes
  • Cheat Menu
  • First Second Quest route
  • Resolution settings (In options inside game not in main menu)
  • Companions Disabled for this version
  • Partly Italian Translate

v.0.1.0 – First Chapter

  • Reduction size of files about 70%
  • some Optimalizations
  • New Renders
  • New 3 Maps
  • Reworked Maps
  • Reworked UI
  • Reworked 2D Graphic
  • Rework of Companions
  • New Companions
  • New Music Playlists – And a lot of more

Developer Notes:

  1. This Version comes with big Updates where we change a lot of things. Sadly we also Find some of the Issues for what we dont have solution at this time. We will try to work on it to solve it in future
  2. Please dont skip Events. Can it break system and it will can block you. Sometimes Events dont turn on when you step in location where it is. Solutions for it is to save game and it will run last event. Here on this link:
    you can see location of events (only because of this Issue)
  3. Level 3 Lags Issue – we sadly dont know where is problem but we will find it and fix it later.
  4. Companions have some Pathfinding problems in cave level (will be solved later)

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