Welcome to North Brooke [v0.1] By RiftStudios

RiftStudios Games released a new game called Welcome to North Brooke and the version is 0.1. The game’s story is about to North Brooke is a adult visual novel in which the main character is tasked with settling into a new town, meeting new people and seek new experiences. Our protagonist will have to maneuver his way through tough situations, make good decisions in order to make the most out of his new surroundings. As well as having to settle into a new town our protagonist will be flung straight into brand new university and job where he will have to learn to keep up with his responsibilities as well as manage his social life. Will he crumble under the pressure or will he prosper in his new found popularity, we will have to wait and see.​

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Game Version Changelog:

v0.1 Release

Developer Notes:

The game is currently under development with updates to be expected every few moths or so. Regular progress updates as well as sneak peaks for upcoming updates can be found over on our patreon.

Here at Rift Studios we are a two man team with a combined 8 years of making games. With Welcome to North Brooke, our first visual novel, we expect that there will be some things wrong with the game or ways in which we could improve, we are always open to suggestions and feedback and welcome any thoughts about the game in general. Feel free to leave a comment, message us on patreon or join our discord server to talk to us there. If you enjoy the game and are interested in supporting the game while unlocking some exclusive content check out our patreon but do not feel obliged to do so. Thank you for checking out the game and we hope you enjoy.

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